Indian Time Service Schedule
This is a quality reprint of a post war “Service Time Schedule”.  The original is not dated but does refer to “74”, “45”, “741”, and “Four” models.  I believe that places it in the years after WWII and prior to the “80” inch Chief.  Let’s call it mid 1940s.  No pictures and it looks like it was typed out on a typewriter originally.  It may be that the factory did not make as great an effort to provide information in a nice format to the dealers as they did for the public.  Or it could be that the financial problems were catching up with them by the time this was produced.  Both are speculation on my part.  I am not sure if anyone is as interested in how long the factory said it should take a shop to complete a repair as I am but I’m making it available at a fairly low price.  I could add, “Where are you gonna find another?”
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