Indian ~ Four Cylinder Overhaul Manual
This is a quality reprint of Indian's Four Cylinder Motorcycle, models 438 - 442. I believe the manual to be late in the day for the Indian Motocycle Company or intended only for dealer, as it contains no pictures and is obviously "typeset" on a typewriter.  The Time-Service Manual I have listed shares this style along with the cover art.   It does contain specifications, engine removal and rebuild, clutch and transmission servicing and rebuild, and Carburetor rebuild.  If you are fortunate enough to own one of these classic bikes, this manual would be good to have in your library.
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Cover ~ 4 Cyl Overhaul 50.00 ~ 4 Cyl Overhaul ~ Page 6
50.00 ~ 4 Cyl Overhaul ~ Page 19 50.00 ~ 4 Cyl Overhaul ~ Page 39
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