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We are providing quality reprints of older manuals in public domain.  Our goal is to provide usable information for those who are rebuilding, maintaining and operating classic machines: Motorcycles, Military Vehicles, Weapons and a few items that strike our fancy.  These are not reproductions.   If you are looking for a prop to display at the next show, these are not the manuals you want.  If you want some serious usable information and do not want to damage fifty to eighty-year-old collector's manuals, these are the ones you need.

All of our manuals are printed on 24 pound paper in an 8.5 X 11 Inch format.  Standard copy paper is 20 pound and you can feel the difference.  We make every effort to produce a readable product
with usable pictures.  We use a comb binding so the manual will lay flat on your workbench.  If you would prefer we can three hole punch your manual so that you may use your own binder.
For shipping costs and options, please stop by the Order Information Page.

This is a work in progress. 

We are often adding new manuals.  Check back.
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